Ajisen Exquisite Value


AJISEN's emphasis on simple,hygienic and convenient cooking of its ramen, results in very tasty and healthy noodles.AJISEN RAMEN redefines fine culinary delights and a whole new dining experience. Eating a scrumptious meal is always an unforgettable experience. Once you have experienced the great taste of AJISEN RAMEN, it lingers on in your mind. We, the management of Ajisen are very excited with the opening of AJISEN RAMEN we invite you to experience the great taste of real ramen today. You'll be glad you did!


“味千拉面的经营理念是以食的精神贡献社会。所谓食的精神就是提供健康、美味、便利、卫生、简单的面食文化, 符合现代人对饮食的要求,以实质与大家分享. 味千人的使命是,让饮食文化与世界同步. “味千拉面今天以马来西亚巴株吧辖为契机,我们将竭诚让味千拉面成为大家所喜爱的面食专门店, 并盛情邀请各位给予光临指教!